Whether you have been hit by a storm or you need simple repairs, EMERGE Construction Group will work with your insurance company to keep you safely covered and dry.


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Emerge Construction Group-Roof Inspection


Is your roof leaking?  No problem.  EMERGE Construction Group will inspect your roof and diagnose where the problem areas are for you.

We will inspect your roof to see if there are any lifted and wind damaged shingles and other areas where water can get in.  We will also look for impact damage due to storms, hail, trees and other debris.

Roof replacements are costly, so we will inspect your roof to see if it is reparable.  The goal is to give you a good assessment so that you have the best options for repair your roof.



When we do recommend a new roof, we check on the decking underneath your shingles to make sure there is no water damage.  We also check to see if water has made its way into your home or business’s ceilings and walls, in order to create a claim for the full damage not just your roof.  

Our EMERGE Construction teams us the highest grade materials possible to ensure your roof lasts.  We install your roof with:

  • A water barrier and ice barrier as a further preventative measure to keep your roof from degrading prematurely.  
  • A peal and stick starter shingle is a small strip that goes around the end of your roof that your shingles stick to and prevents wind from lifting your shingles up to allow water underneath them.  
  • A 6 to 8 nail pattern to further stablize your roof, and this type of roof installation helps lower your insurance rates going forward.
  • A double sealing strip that prevents wind from lifing your shingles to allow water to get underneath.

All of our work is backed by a lifetime warranty on the roof.

Emerge Construction Group-Roof Installation
Emerge Construction Group-Insurance


When it comes to your insurance, we handle the entire process from start to finish.

We work with the adjuster to make sure you get the full benefit of your insurance claim.

  • Software: We use the same software that adjusters use so there is no difference between the cost of the roof.
  • Finance: We can finance the cost of your roof to get your home or business protected before you get all the money from the insurance carrier


The roofs over our homes and businesses take a lot of heat.  This heat leads to the degredation of your roof prematuraly.  We install roofs in a way that mitigates the wear and tear on your roof.

  • Attic Fans: We install roofs that utilize the benefit of power attic vent fans to blow out the hot air during those hot summer months.  
  • Roof Vents: We can install a vented ridge and other types of vents that are available to help the heat escape from your attic.

We will help you move the hot air out of your attic as efficiently as possible to help you lengthen life of your roof as well as keep your cooling costs down.


Emerge Construction Group-Roof Vent
Emerge Construction Group-Roof Style


EMERGE Construction Group can accomodate just about any style of roof that you choose.  Whether it’s a:

  • Commercial TPO Roof
  • Custom roof applications to shed the water off your roof to meet city requirements or code requirements
  • Metal roof
  • Built up roof with installation and drainage
  • Shingle roof

We will work with engineers to quickly pass permits through the city to get your roof on as soon as possible.  Emerge Construction Group will also work to meet the exact specifications to provide warranties on all our work.

About Our Roof Service

EMERGE Construction Group inspects, repairs, and replaces roofs and get the most benefit from your insurance claim.

  • Quality Inspections
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacements
  • Insurance Filing
  • Vented Roofs
  • Various Styles

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